I think I might have got flashed for speeding last night on the way home from the Skinbat Scramble gig. Rats and double rats. I wasn’t taking my usual route home as I was giving a lift. I think I was only about 5mph over but damn. 3 points from the licence and sixty quid I think. Damn.

Backtracking to the gig – it was ridiculously under-attended but was very good, Skinbat Scramble played first, with a 5/6 song set, all went very well, including the debut of Nicky’s moog pedal, which worked well. The only visible cock-up was mine, when I slammed a sample loop in too early resulting in a momentary carcrash. That notwithstanding, we managed to make a glorious headrush of crazy sound.

Next up, Old Dolphin Brigade, a small band, (just Carl, Piers, Fabian, Imogen and Me I think?). Incredibly successful, I thought.

Dry Rise were good and terrifically tight, then The Glo-Pilots shone. Very very good, with a drum explosion climax to rival anything.

So, that was great stuff, now I move on to a busy week of stuff stuff stuff leading up to Lady B’s funeral next Monday. In preparation, I have hardly slept a wink on a heady cocktail of adrenaline, happiness and stark raving terror.


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