Funeral yesterday; Lady B was laid to rest in Chevening burial ground. The lovely old church rang with CofE platitudes – the Rector was a nice enough fellow, but by golly they have more front than Brighton Seafront, those religious employees. Pure brass.
Anyway, the thing itself passed without hitches, and for L at least, a lot of trauma can now be looked back on rather than looked forward to and dreaded.
The drive up and back went well, which in itself was a minor miracle, as both L and I had been badly, violently ill with a flu-bug-collapse thing since Friday. On Sunday I seriously doubted if I would be able to make Monday or not.
So. Sitting down this morning, tired from sleeplessness and poleaxed from 2008 so far, I was more or less nable to function, and crept back to bed. I needed it, but another day has now been wasted against deadlines various.
Tomorrow – KNUCKLE DOWN.


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