Sunday 17th / Scramble Gig

Great rehearsal on Friday night led to a slightly downbeat Saturday as we trucked up to Lady B’s for (probably) the last time, to enable L to perform the sad task of bagging her clothes and taking them to the Salvation Army bins at Tescos. I salvaged a few bits of stationery, and we drove home for an early night.
Sunday was cold; drove to rehearsal and we had a blinder – some real progressing of several songs, some refinements and mucho optimism. To the gig at the Forum, Tunbridge Wells.
Soundchecking and drinks at the Ragged Trousers /
Old Dolphin Brigade first, Carl leading Mark, Piers, Me, Suzy and Phoebe in a 3-song spree, including a newly-sprouted “The Ship…” niice.
Then us, that is The Skinbat Scramble. A quick improvisational bridge between the ODB and us, then slamming version of Peppermint Schnapps, an etherial UFOUK with Nicky on top form, Gutshot, (only really worked out that afternoon, but a killer ap if ever I heard one) and then Stop Trying So Hard, in which something went funny but y’know, good funny. Brilliant!
Heat from a Deadstar followed, and were tight as keyhole surgery in an alien autopsy.
Time.Space.Repeat brought a bit of London to the Forum, and were good enough to eat.
Rachel’s Got A Flamethrower were their usual inflammable selves and left the venue in a heap of melted metal.

A zoo visit on Monday reminded me of how cool gibbons actually are.

We are off to start recording our new album at the Granary tomorrow, so I’m off for an early night.


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