Ballroom – um – Blitz

Last week to Bournemouth “Winter Gardens” Pavilion Ballroom for P to compete in a Ballroom competition. Staying overnight at the cheapy-lodge hotel, we sashayed into the Chinese restaurant which last year (on the way to Exmouth) served excellent food, was reasonably priced, had piped Elvis music and a faux-Elvis host. After eating overpriced slurry to piped “Riverdance” stylee crap, we were forced to admit that something had changed in the interim.

The competition was mightily enjoyable, in a sub-culture kind of way; P didn’t win anything, but we did learn how to French Plait her hair and apply loads of glitter to my hands. Cha-cha-cha!

A quite busy week last week with website designing for various boring companies; now very quiet and directing my energies toward an essay on Daphne du Maurier and Philip K. Dick (no, really) – hey, only 2 more essays left for this year’s course woo hoo!

Also passing some energy in the direction of thinking about next Monday, when we get back in the studio for more recording of the new album…


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