UFO Sighting

Last night I was driving Mark home and we spotted in the racing clouds a VERY bright light. After a while the aircraft got somewhat closer and the very bright light (And I’m talking bright – like proper searchlights) were clearly on the front of the craft, pointing forward, illuminating the clouds and drizzle. The craft was quite discernable, as was its trajectory – it appeared be triangular in shape, with the leading edge being one of the sides of the triangle rather than the point, the point being at the back. It almost certainly wasn’t a conventional aircraft.

Hmm. We were returning from a productive day of recording vocals (Nicky and myself), guitar (Mark) and a squiggle of synth (me) for the new Skinbat Scramble elpee. It sounds magnificent.
Early Roxy – Hawkwind – a wee bit of punk – god knows, but it is magnificent.


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