Studio Packing

Packing for Vegas today, as I look out the window it’s a blizzard, so hoping that there are no Gatwick delays rolling into view…

Yesterday to the Granary, to perform day 3 of audio magic on the new Skinbat Scramble elpee. Amid some administrative tedium, we have preformed some magic I think; it’s going to be a behemoth of mixing, but looking good. At least one more day’s recording – for Nicky’s vocals plus fairy dust – needed yet.

Five new songs hit the tape yesterday – George IX, Radiator, Un-named Metal, Camel Light, and Radiator II, plus we did a bit of overdubbing on Stop Trying So Hard and Peppermint Schnapps.

Groovy! Now, how many chargers does one need? A fluppin’ billion, that’s how many!


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