Travis Bickle

Everything is in a bit of a pickle at the moment.

I’ve got disastrous banking/money problems, compounded by the incompetence of Sainsburys online bank closing an account “because there was no money in it”. Yes, I knew that thanks very much. So, when I do transfer some money into it from my current account, having – for a change – made some money, I find that the transfer is rejected – the account is closed, no longer exists – so the money is being bounced back to my current account. Guess what! My current account are making a charge for a failed transfer. And further, guess what! Sainsburys won’t reimburse me for this amount. They say that they would have “written to me” by eMail to tell me that the account was closing – it probably (if they did send it) landed in with the fake rolex watches and c*ck enhancers.

I am really struggling with the OU essay, like a writer’s block. Writing about writers. And their damn books.

Gig looms on Sunday, I feel ill-prepared to rock. Or roll.

Re-watched “Chicago” last night, what a splendid movie it is.


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