Hectic Busy Hectic

Too busy at the moment pressure from:
1. Web work for a friend
2. The ESSAY gaddammit
3. The Sainsburys Bank cock-up (no answer till Tuesday because of bank holiday.
4 .Lack of money in general
5 .My web page needs urgent attention
6. Need to start tax return before I get too behind
7. Missing P’s Children’s Parade Dance tomorrow (L is going) because of 2 above
8. Gig Sunday
9. more stuff that haunts me in the night and in the day

Bloody internet wastes too much time for any of the above!

P got exemplary results in her maths test, so reward was “Stardust” – a GREAT family film, Clare Danes is beautiful – quite literally radiant; the rest of the cast are superb (with the slight exception of Ricky Gervais, the prat).


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