A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To…

The Forum. Well, not funny exactly, but on the way to the Forum yesterday I passed through a rather despondent (but still occasionally crackling 3/5 rehearsal) for the Skinbat Scramble performance which sputtered into being through an afternoon of negotiation, discussion, gentling and garden-based attention to detail. The housekeeping paid off, clouds of gloom lifted revealing that

  • time had passed too quickly, and
  • it was time to play a set to
  • an audience! Of audients, who were listening.
  • We were good, once or twice (or thrice) hitting the zone marked “Zone”
  • There was applause, and (at the end of the evening) a monetary profit. Not one of doom.
  • 5/5ths of the band were happy with the performance – result!
  • Ghost in Mirrors filled a y a w n i n g gap caused by Lack Of Brutai, who were marked “absent” by virtue of not being there.
  • The Kids That Made America (or possibly The Lebanons) were splendid, covering the absence (yet presence) of The Old Dolphin Brigade.
  • Rachel’s Got A Flamethrower, darlings of the local press, packed the hall with sound
  • there was a parachute, and for the SS performance, a slide show.

My lovingly crafted poster, only 2/5 correct! one band didn’t play, one band pulled out, one band changed their name. Thus demonstrating that The Skinbat Scramble and Rachel’s Got A Flamethrower demonstrate a stability of nomenclature hitherto unheard of in Kent.

Good times


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