This Year Is Over…

Well, this year’s Open University course anyway. Yesterday I tagged and bagged three copies of my final assignment for this year. I might run it up to East Grinstead regional office today, and make sure it’s delivered safely. The relief to my system is physical – and the streets of Liberty City are set for mayhem for at least a few days.
Work: the tedious disruption and disagreement continues unabated; it has resolved into a sword-of-damocles hanging over me; one day (soon) it will fall. And cut.

In jollier news, Skinbat Scramble has another (Nifty Night) gig lined up – twill be July 20th at the jolly old Forum, Tunbridge Wells; Flavonoids might play, and I guess the Old Dolphin Brigade. Details later… in the meantime, we will be in the studio again on – looks like – 6th June … 🙂


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