Bipolar Blues

Been unsleeping for the last few nights, pressure of the world on my shoulders and all that.

Spoke to a friend who has suffered for years and the dreaded word bipolar cropped up. Again. I don’t know about that, and manage to maintain an even keel most of the time, but certainly there IS a slough of despond, which sometimes happens to be WHERE I AM. Not manic, certainly, though I do have creative/energetic bursts just before the periods of – how you say? – meh.

The iPod oracle spoke this morning, with the following in Sainsburys buying milk and loo roll.

Divine Comedy – Perfect Love Song
pure sentiment in a – well – perfect pop song, plus associations of being involved in making the video for the song. Tears came to my eyes.
Captain Beefheart – Bluejeans and Moonbeams
childhood memories, regret, beauty, more tears.
Nick Cave – Hallelujah. Christ, pass me the pills and rope. I arrived at the checkout and turned all music off.


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