Dates for Your Diary

Half-term this week, and I’m on little-boots duty for a couple of days. Tomorrow we’re off to Ikea (oh joy oh rapture), according to L we’re going to buy their entire range of rugs. We’ll still be eating rugs come Boxing Day. I might treat myself to an 8-quid shelf for the hi-fi. It might make me get out the vinyl.

Next Friday back in the saddle of Skinbat practice – or at least a “jam session” to shake some rust loose from the arms and legs. Back to the studio on 10th, for what may be the last recording date. Next Forum gig now set for 13th July.

Cat has been showing her age this last week, L reckons its the heat; I’m not so sure, she was laying and puffing like a little steam train yesterday, and has been wobbly on her feet for the last week or so. She actually seems perky today, which has cheered me and Pip up a bit.

That’s all for now.

ER has finished. CSI has finished. Dexter has finished. There’s only one Lost left for ages. Doctor Who has still got sh*t-for-brains Tate ruining it.

God, what’s the bloody point?


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