Course Correction

A stable day, yesterday was, several times chasms of depression or mistake opened, but always I leapt clear; it was good.

Rehearsal at Crowborough was positive, if truncated, then after a quick pre-mortem and debate on political incorrectness, the Skinbat Scramble whizzed forward to The Forum (near the Chalybeate Spring) in Tunbridge Wells. Civilised soundchecks masked the caged heat of four songs, later presented to an (appreciative?) small audience. Integration, Statue of Limitations, Gutshot and Stop Trying So Hard were the songules. Imogen snapped some pictures, to be on the facebook and myspace soon.
Vorderman were fabulous after this. I had to leave then, but have no doubt that Rachel’s Got A Flamethrower were their usual unstoppable force’o’nature. They were in the soundcheck anyways.

Driving home, saw a river of rabbits and then a really bad smash outside Uckfield. Ambulances, tape and flashing lights, someone being carried off, stretchered. By the look of the cars, it was bad. Lit up in the dark, it looked like a Greenaway film as the traffic sneaked past, southbound, the drivers all driving a tiny bit more carefully than before, one assumes.

Unable to sleep on return home, too tired.
Today, tired.


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