Perhaps Some Other E-On

Preparations have finally been – um – finalised for our holiday, after three days of alternately running around like a blue-arsed fly, being creative, being creatively stifled, being hot, feeling as sick as a pig, and driving the length and breadth of both East and West Sussex and failing to find any wild geese.
An explanation may be in order.
Monday and Tuesday was slated to put the finishing touches (the mix) to the Skinbat album at the Granary, which started slowly but inexorably – the results were good, and after a vaguely unsatisfying day we had some amazing results (including a wonderful vocal on “Ringmain Dancer” by Imogen. Thanks Imogen, come and join the band now 🙂 ). Too much faffing time was wasted, but boy could we catch up on Tuesday…
Could we f**k. E-On (spelling?) electricity cut off the power to the entire kingdom of Lambershurst, as far as I could tell about two minutes before I completed a 40-odd mile trip from Hove. Arse-nuggets. And there I am with appointments and a solid days work for Wednesday, and off to Norfolk on Thursday morning. With Mark also working Wednesday, we went to ridiculous lengths (about 45-odd miles) to either try and find a chainsaw or a wild goose – I’m not sure if we found either, but Mark managed to do his Thursday work, I managed to get to the opticians, do a day’s e-mail and web work, go to the supermarket, run P to dancing, and get a raging headache which lasted into the night…
Still, never mind, this freed up Wednesday so we could put in that full day of mixing. Yeah, right.
The power (now being switched back on) never got as far as the mixing desk of the studio – some electrical spike or arcane loop of wattage or ohm-age or something had fused out the power supply or whatever, so no studio… Hmm. We managed make some semi-productive use of time, then drove home again, feeling like a pole-axed orc with a troll-sized hangover.
Wrote some lyrics for “Metal Way” which I will sing when we – go back to the studio in late August, the next mutually-convenient slot.
So, we crawl to Bethlehem, I crawl to bed, and, yeah. Night night.


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