Norfolk, Coasting, etc

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

A week at the eastern edge of the UK was nice, I was even tempted into the sea once or twice, and made some mighty big splashes. We had a nice time, reading and walking, playing with horses, painting and whatnot, and even went to see the junkies, beggars, travellers and tramps, etc. in Norwich (a fine city). My iPhone became 3G during this time, so I jailbroke my old one and L now has it on her old pay as you go sim.

So much for holidays, which must end, as you know…

P went off to her annual Earwig theatre school week, and had a jolly old time, while I sat at home all miserable and alternately ruminated that “this must be the worst weather year ever” (justifying why my business is not a business) and sending stupid messages to and fro on teh internets (justifying why time is passing).
I had a website and an advert to do, so at least some money came in, I think.

My mother has broken her ankle and gone into a respite care home for a couple of weeks. This has resulted in much worries and scrabbling and such dis-equilibrium that the goodness of the holiday has – my goodness – departed, laughing, on its spindly little legs. She seems happy enough there, the ankle will heal and … yeah.

By the way, did I mention that “this must be the worst weather year ever” for paragliding?

Oh yes, we got a blu-ray player, fabulous. The upscaling feature actually works (I was a bit sceptical) – it’s better on some DVD prints than others but REALLY brings out a “cinematic” quality to movies which is absent on DVD. The blu-rays themselves are simply stunning, though I believe that it’s worth researching the quality of transfer before investing, as some are better than others. There are some good resources on the web for finding this out before parting with cold hard etc.

Next week, we hopefully finish the Skinbats album at the Granary, as long as it’s not like burned down or something in the last couple of weeks.


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