Crashing Cars and Ramshackle Magnificence

Last evening:

A car (a flash BMW) lost control as we were waiting to go on and play a gig at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells. It mounted the pavement, scraaaaaaked along the side of a furnishing shop scattering wood splinters, glass and guttering in its wake, and was halted (LOUDLY) by friction.

The performance was the debut of Imogen as stage-bassist of the Skinbat Scramble; she was great, the band fits together well. We were a bit ramshackle, but then we are a bit ramshackle.
After we played, (I mean we were magnificent) a sheet of plate glass fell from the furniture shop window that had been smashed to smithereens by the car. The glass had remained poised for – what? – 30 minutes while we performed. Ready to drop and inch closer to its natural chaotic state.

The driver and passenger of the car (who were unhurt) stood shellshocked on the pavement. I expect their next car might not go quite as fast.

We were supporting Lebanons, Epideme, Everyone to the Anderson. Strange atmosphere, – nice, a groove there, but a bit too self-consciously cool. I was feeling a bit pallid following a bout of feeling ill, 2 players were suffering from hangovers, evidently. Psychedelic Blitz, indeed. Dave C, ex-drummer, came to see us perform and saw us perform.
The next day I am very tired out.


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