The Monochrome Set, Monochrome Set, Secondary Schoo-ooo-ooool

Up to the London on Wednesday night; it was the Cherry Red 30th anniversary party and also The Monochrome Set 30th Anniversary one-off-type gig. L and I were extremely lucky and honoured to be given guest tkts by Bid for this invite-only thing, at Dingwalls.
As we walked there from the station I realised that the last time we saw TMS was at the Camden Electric Ballroom – 1983? I think. Bloody hell. We met up with a couple or three other Scarlet’s Well/MSet folks before, and… bloody hell to the gig too.
Andy Warren, Bid and Lester on stage together! With Jen and Sian from Scarlet’s Well. Really well-chosen set, and exceptionally good. It was easy to remember why the TMS were so good live – much much “harder” than their beautiful records, with bags of energy, Andy’s legs still glued together, bloody bloody good.
Although it was a party rather than a paying gig, the small-ish audience were pretty appreciative.
It was genuinely an honour to be there.

Next day, back to Brighton and looking round a secondary school for Little Boots; she will soon have to be re-christened Big Boots I suppose.


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