Catch Up : Scarlet’s Well, Nick Cave, oh a load of things…

No posts for a while from me, which can only be a good thing…
Where to start? Secondary schools… ongoing low-grade worry re P’s placement. It is, in Brighton, quite literally a lottery. Mortgage… ongoing l.g.w. as before, our fixed-term thing ends in Jan, so we have to re-negotiate with an organisation which is part of the collapsing economic infrastructure of the world, and guilty of theft and mis-selling and just generally being bastards. On top of this, it is staffed by 16-year olds who can barely hold a pen and don’t know what they are talking about. Impossible. After an hour or so of talking to them, reading their convoluted terms and conditions and filling in paperwork, it’s giving up time.

What else? Last SKINBAT SCRAMBLE gig went well, it was nice to play a gig which wasn’t Mark-Organised, took a lot of pressure off, we were “just a band playing support”. We rocked, and got some good feedback after… some audients were even dancing…

SCARLET’S WELL at the Bull and Gate. This is – I think – the 6th time I’ve seen SWell, nice little venue (where Skinbat Scramble’s chums Heat From A Deadstar play a lot). Monsieur Mo Rio was first support, must admit that while I quite liked the sound I stayed outside and chatted to some friends while they were on. The WOULD-BE-GOODS were support, and were excellent. I got their new album EVENTYR at the end of the gig, and it’s excellent. Their song Velasquez and I is one of my favourite songs, I think. Scarlet’s Well were great as usual, don’t know if it was the sound at the gig or what, but there was a real robustness to the songs that needed it, best I’ve seen them… bloody great.

Then, two weeks of dribble and working on my Creative Writing course; not sure at the moment if I am either Creative or capable of writing, got my first mark back which was adequate though.

Last Night, NICK CAVE and the BAD SEEDS. Remarkable. The whole gig was stunning, highlight (for me the best Cave song ever) “I Call Upon The Author”. Staggering live. We blagged a box from L’s connection at the Brighton Centre, which was very cool. I like to imagine that Mr. Cave walked home to Hove after the crowds had gone, smoking a cheroot.

Next weekend: BLACKPOOL. P has got through to the National Ballroom Grand Finals … glitter, sequins, hairspray ahoy!


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