Medical; Xmas Gig; GladRags

A busy and depressing couple of weeks to start with, mum’s condition is precarious, with episodic vertigo and memory loss causing much upset, hospital visit and 3am phonecalls. It will resolve…

Last evening to the Forum for the consolidation of 2008’s Skinbat gigs. Imogen is properly integrated into the sound now, Piers more robust than ever, Nicky as special as ever, Carl a wayward sprite of sound and Mark very very good on the old guitar… and me. we debuted a new song “The Legend of Big Joe the Chicken Man” which was amazing – and long. Then, something I’ve wanted to do for years – a cover of John Cale’s cover of “Heartbreak Hotel” – it went, i have to say, amazingly. Then we did Camel Lights live for the first time, which went well. Onto Gutshot and Stop Trying So Hard, stage favourites, went superbly. Wow, we were good. Good feedback from a few publics and other bands. Heat From A Deadstar, Split record and Chop Chop; Bear Touch! completed the lineup; I drove back to Brighton at around 10mph due to ridiculous frost and ice between Crowborough and Lewes.

Yesterday, P did her annual play at Stagecoach; she was only due to perform in the afternoon performance, but stepped in as understudy for a tonsilitis victim in the morning. The play was a musical “Glad Rags” – the musical and its story was real crap, but the kids did a good job – especially P 🙂


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