Merry Xmas – Album – Various

Merry Xmas Everyone!

What a funny year it’s been. Lots of medical, death, etc, along with lots of amazing things… I suppose the most visible or exciting is the band properly back together, and the album finished – as it pretty much is, I’ve got an unfeasably large box of completed covers and posters next to me as I type, the mastering is done and the discs just have to be pressed in the new year.

It’s exciting stuff, I just hope there are at least a few folks who will invest in post-punk racketmonkeys and psychedelic riffraff… I’m very proud of it, and proud too of Mark, Nicky, Piers, Imogen and Carl. Thanks guys x

My head is about to explode with a serum goo of snot and headachejuice for the 2.5 week running. Please let it stop.

Disneyland next week…

Ah. I love you guys.


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