Skules / Medical / Blinding El Scorchio of a gig

The skule conundrum is sorted; Little Boots will evolve into Big Boots at Hove Park. If not smiles all round, then at least horizontal mouths… many friends join her…

Mum ongoing. Uh. Final consultation this Wednesday. Distraction and upset.

Sunday 22nd, Skinbat gig at the Forum.
Afternoon rehearsal rocked, and was very successful. PM to the venue, where the bass amp for the evening (supplied by another band) was found to not work. Cue Mark chasing wild geese hither and yon for miles. He found a wild goose in the shape of a bass amp (complete with chicken wire – a poultry theme is developing here). After this, Piers went to KFC to buy some – I guess it was – chicken. Anyway, soundchecks complete, the evening could begin. The bands were introduced by Rob from Apollo Records, who was co-hosting the evening. His enthusiasm is infectious, and chivvied the audience up a bit. As usual, not enough people there but a small audience attended. First on were LEBANONS. Amazingly good, a confused swarm of neat/wild sound. Then us, with our first splendid song, “The Legend of Big Joe The Chicken Man”. Great stuff, I struggled to get a feed from Mark’s guitar but made up for it with some demented singing and the old 2001 soundtrack whammy. Next up was “Gutshot”, with slightly amended lyrics to cater for the demographic of the audients. Next, UFOUK, Nicky on top form, a loping, groovesome version. Next we went for “Ringmain Dancer” – technically difficult to perform “as it is on the album”, but as Imogen’s vocal can run over any suitably dark noise, we re-wrote it that afternoon for performance purpose. It went well, though the key element – the vocal – apparently got lost in the mix for the audience; it sounded OK on monitors. It went well as a song, though. Robert Frost included. Next up we performed “Heartbreak Hotel”, which was stunning, loved it. “Stop Trying So Hard” was its usual magnificent wedding cake of a tower of babel, then we bridged it into “Silver Machine” which went magnificently. Nicky sat this one out with a sore throat, and as Imogen left the stage as we whirled into a lock loop of Metadrums (Piers) Looped Fierce Crunge Noise (me) and Ultra Mexican Starling Soloing (Mark) we finished the gig as a power trio. Hopefully this is the uncompromising trio which will take the stage at the next night, as Imogen is away for that one. Carl was missing in action.

Keep On Clucking, as Stackridge once said…


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