More rationalisation

Pip is at her last day at Earwig, with a presentation this afternoon, I am at home after a devastating night of evil, paranoid dreams.

I have in the last few days rationalised my “blogging” such as it is, as follows:

I am abandoning MySpace for the cess it is.
Continuing with Twittering @falhawk.
Continue with Facebook.
Starting a new “master” blog with WordPress.

Updating from the Macjournal application, which will feed (the same entries) to both WordPress and my old LiveJournal. Exceptions will be mobile updates (or if I forget to push both export buttons) in which case, a few entries might make WordPress but not Livejournal.
Facebook continues to get its “notes” feed from Livejournal

This should save me time, and, as virtually no-one reads my blogs anyway, will inconvenience no-one.

Testing 1-2-3…

Skinbats gig on Sunday 6th September at the Forum… not sure of support/supporting yet. It will be the last live performance for a while, probably until Xmas time, though there are some nascent studio things and some odds and ends to tidy.

Mightily enjoying “Pushing Daisies” boxset, and hugely impressed by “Watchmen


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