Holiday Remnants | Black Dogs

Stonehenge. Big Stones, made into a henge. Trago Mills. A looney shop outside Liskeard. Huge, jumbled warehouse selling overpriced and cheap goods, a strange selection of stuff, amongst which I found a cheap DVD copy of John Waters’ “Female Trouble” which I snapped up. Lanhydrock House – an amazing Jacobean house which was gutted by fire and then refurbished in late Victorian state of the art. Steampunk brass, polished wood and an aura of menace and sadness I put down to the similarity to the mood and architecture of gothic spookiness in novels, movies and video games. Speaking of… We walked to Menabilly, the inspiration for Manderley in “Rebecca” – you can’t access (or even see) the actual house but you can walk down to the beach/cove with the cottage in it and look out at the bay where Rebecca died and the second Mrs DeWinter climbed about on rocks and stuff. As did we.

Now I am back home and struggling with a bout of headache/depression/anxiety and torpor that threatens to engulf my entire being. I’m sure it won’t, and family are being ultra supportive, but then again Mum’s got a psych evaluation on Monday that I have to accompany her to, which isn’t helping matters. Dealing with o This is the time, and this is the record of the time.

I will be missing the Skinbat performance at the forum tomorrow night, I feel awful for it, but look forward to more studio soon.

See you on the other side of this time.

I am coming to get you!

I am coming to get you!


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