The Day After The Solstice, 2010

It’s been forever… and look, another year has dripped from the roof like melting slush.

I spent the best part of the summer with pneumonia, and the exhaustion recovery entails. A raft of medical appointments (x-rays, cardiograms, consults) followed, even more exhausting as the compass needle was for a while pointing at something worse than a “shadow on the lung”. however, it’s all in the past now.

Mum is now permanently in a (nice enough) dementia care home in Bognor. The stress on the family has somewhat been removed, knowing that she has such care.

I have retired from live Skinbat duties at the moment, I remain (I hope) a fully committed member of the project/object, and hope to be involved in the studio process of the next album (two tracks are in the can and sound quite wonderful) – also the “Live at the Forum” album if that ever sees the light. I hope so, as three of the Skinbat recordings available are amazing.

Music – not music of the year as such but that which has come into my world this year

Goldfrapp live at the Dome

Belle & Sebastian: Write About Love thanks to Sarah for this one
Brian Eno: Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Chicago OST
C.W. Stoneking: Jungle Blues
Imelda May: Mayhem
LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening
Grinderman: 2
Nellie McKay: Normal as Blueberry Pie
Crimson Jazz Trio: King Crimson Songbook Vols 1 & 2
Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports (how did I miss that?!) thanks to David for these two
Eels: Tomorrow Morning
Arcade Fire: The Suburbs thanks to Liz for nagging on this one
Laurie Anderson: Homeland
Divine Comedy: Bang Goes The Knighthood
Tom Waits: Orphans, Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
Scarlet’s Well: Society of Figurines get well soon Bid
Goldfrapp: Head First
Joanna Newsom: Have One On Me
Eels: End Times
Scarlet’s Well: Unreal II
Tiger Lillies: Freakshow

TV / box sets:
Lost ended 😦
Celebrity Juice
[most of] Glee
The Walking Dead
Mark Gatiss’ A History of Horror
Mad Men (series 1 and 2 only so far)
CSI (Vegas only)
Hi-De-Hi box set
Lipstick On Your Collar
Miss Marie Lloyd , Queen of the Music Hall (thanks to Dickon)

Film (not all this year’s releases, some blu ray remasters and in the case of WDT only just available)

Wisconsin Death Trip
Toy Story 3
Alien Anthology remastered
The Disappearance of Alice Creed
Up In The Air
The Thing remastered
Amarcord remastered
A Serious Man – Coen brothers back on form yay!
Watchmen director’s cut
Kick Ass (apart from the weak last scene)
44 Inch Chest

I’ve probably missed loads.


Have read all of Cormac McCarthy’s books this year – amazing.
Jonathan Coe: The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim
Stephen King: Under The Dome – as usual, under-rated by critics
Michael Chabon – The Yiddish Policeman’s Union
Gregory Maguire – A Lion Among Men
Richard Dawkins – The Greatest Show On Earth
Nick Cave – The Death of Bunny Munro
Peter Carey: Wrong About Japan
and re-read shedloads of Dickens

O, and I got a degree! I now own a piece of paper saying I have a 2:1 BA(Hons) in Humanities with Media Studies and Literature, which is nice. I have a ceremony in April 2011 with a cloak and everything!

I also got back into fishkeeping this year. When I was around 10 to the time I left home I kept tropical fish with my dad, that tank is long gone. Liz and I had a tank wen we first moved to Brighton, but we closed that down when we moved years ago. I’d always hankered after keeping marine fish, but in the old days they were very hard to keep. Skimming technology has moved on, and though more discipline is required than with a freshwater tropical tank, marines are now possible. 6 months on, I’ve got a nice little reef with corals, fish, shrimps and all sorts. Yes, I do have clownfish, and yes one of them is called Nemo. It’s a nice name.

OK more turn of the year drivel soon

20130927-073205 pm.jpg


More rationalisation

Pip is at her last day at Earwig, with a presentation this afternoon, I am at home after a devastating night of evil, paranoid dreams.

I have in the last few days rationalised my “blogging” such as it is, as follows:

I am abandoning MySpace for the cess it is.
Continuing with Twittering @falhawk.
Continue with Facebook.
Starting a new “master” blog with WordPress.

Updating from the Macjournal application, which will feed (the same entries) to both WordPress and my old LiveJournal. Exceptions will be mobile updates (or if I forget to push both export buttons) in which case, a few entries might make WordPress but not Livejournal.
Facebook continues to get its “notes” feed from Livejournal

This should save me time, and, as virtually no-one reads my blogs anyway, will inconvenience no-one.

Testing 1-2-3…

Skinbats gig on Sunday 6th September at the Forum… not sure of support/supporting yet. It will be the last live performance for a while, probably until Xmas time, though there are some nascent studio things and some odds and ends to tidy.

Mightily enjoying “Pushing Daisies” boxset, and hugely impressed by “Watchmen

Hectic Busy Hectic

Too busy at the moment pressure from:
1. Web work for a friend
2. The ESSAY gaddammit
3. The Sainsburys Bank cock-up (no answer till Tuesday because of bank holiday.
4 .Lack of money in general
5 .My web page needs urgent attention
6. Need to start tax return before I get too behind
7. Missing P’s Children’s Parade Dance tomorrow (L is going) because of 2 above
8. Gig Sunday
9. more stuff that haunts me in the night and in the day

Bloody internet wastes too much time for any of the above!

P got exemplary results in her maths test, so reward was “Stardust” – a GREAT family film, Clare Danes is beautiful – quite literally radiant; the rest of the cast are superb (with the slight exception of Ricky Gervais, the prat).

Travis Bickle

Everything is in a bit of a pickle at the moment.

I’ve got disastrous banking/money problems, compounded by the incompetence of Sainsburys online bank closing an account “because there was no money in it”. Yes, I knew that thanks very much. So, when I do transfer some money into it from my current account, having – for a change – made some money, I find that the transfer is rejected – the account is closed, no longer exists – so the money is being bounced back to my current account. Guess what! My current account are making a charge for a failed transfer. And further, guess what! Sainsburys won’t reimburse me for this amount. They say that they would have “written to me” by eMail to tell me that the account was closing – it probably (if they did send it) landed in with the fake rolex watches and c*ck enhancers.

I am really struggling with the OU essay, like a writer’s block. Writing about writers. And their damn books.

Gig looms on Sunday, I feel ill-prepared to rock. Or roll.

Re-watched “Chicago” last night, what a splendid movie it is.

Clear Up The Mess

Woken by the ‘phone at 5am this morning – it’s the call we’ve been waiting for, L’s mum has died in hospital, she flew away this morning. So, now, the deluge begins – tidying, house-clearing, probate?, gawd knows. In a way, it’s a relief for L who has been suffering terribly with worry and stress; not to mention endless ‘phone calls from concerned “little old ladies” and traveling to and from Kent (we’ll save some money on petrol, too).
Little other to report, as most of our recent activities have, one way or another, been overshadowed by this.
Oh! I did manage to take Pip to see “Enchanted” which was glorious… great animation sections, funny without crudeness, romantic and well acted. With smashing songs.
Skinbats will be playing on 20th Jan at the Forum; come and have a look at us and poke fun!

God Help Us, Every One

Tidying the house for a friendly visit; Xmas Eve excitement for Pip and I – we have yet to convince L that it’s the season to be jolly.

On Saturday we travelled up to a (curiously empty for the Saturday before Xmas) Tunbridge Wells, and met my NY cousin Charlie and his friend Susan at the Pantiles. We lunched in The Ragged Trousers, which we found does good food. It was great to see Charlie, I hope it was worth taking a day out of his vacation to visit the Wells – looking at the surroundings of the older part with clean eyes, it probably was – it’s a lovely town, architecturally at least… The reason for meeting there? Charlie’s family (and ergo part of mine) started out there. His headed for the USA via Toronto (?); ours stayed here. Anyhoo, we wended our way to the top of the high street for a coffee, passing the cinema – boarded, shuttered and dilapidated. In my youth (I’m guessing the first film I saw there – or certainly ONE of the first films I saw there was “Oliver” which I think was 1967, so I was 7… I certainly saw a lot of films there, and certainly a lot of good formative films: a palace of dreams it was, now it’s falling down and vandalised. Oh well.

Yesterday gentling and tidying, and reading “Orlando” for my course. Bloody Vita Sackville-West drags my mind back to Sevenoaks, and thence thoughts of Lady B, still in the hozzer, looks like till they find her a place in a home of some kind as she is too frail to be discharged.

Ha Ha Very Funny

I spy bugs bunny

In 2007, falhawk resolves to…

Buy new imagineers.
Connect with my inner gormenghast.
Find a better goldfrapp.
Go to nerve every Sunday.
Go moviegoing three times a week.
Backup my gothic regularly.

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