I had the Salad Niçoise…

So. The years of OU work have “paid off” and I now own a shiny new degree, and can put other letters after my name (other than Idiot that is). BA (Hons). I might get some cards printed up. I just looked into post-grad OU options, but they have severely trimmed their choices in the last couple of years and very few of the combos “grabs me”. Hmm. Graduation day was great fun, anyway, dressing up and being all pomp and ceremony. P and L enjoyed, and afterwards we had a be-suited wander round and an Italian lunch. I had the Salad Niçoise…

What else? Work is dire, there’s no money about post-recession, it seems. I ought to advertise to bankers and politicians, as I am led to believe that they have all the money these days.

Health: hmm. For a few weeks suffered excrutiating chest pains – was investigated for the obvious but given a clean bill of health (though I still have to visit a cardiologist to be finally “signed off”- was checked for a recurrence of the lung malarkey from last year (negative); cholesterol (negative}; liver problems (negative) &c… BP was a bit high (as it has been for the last 5 years) but I was seeing a new doctor, she put me on meds… and… the pain receded (though this of course may not be anything to do with BP) – but – the recurring fierce headaches of the last few years have – touchwood – ended. Like magic. No solpadeine for the last three weeks. No headaches. The unexplained chest pains have receded also.

What else? Easter holidays – Llama farm with P and her mate … 2 dance comps for P, both successful … Beatles Rock Band 🙂 … until next time…


Open Recession End

Lego Star Wars is fantastic – Nick Cave’s “Death of Bunny Munro” – Pip coming in the final at Gosport (6th) – OU course starting, looking good. Back not hurting. Nothing from Mum.
Life seldom gets any better than this, does it?


Got a PSP and set it up. Nice. Pip decided to part-ex her Nintendo DS and I contributed some of my own finished games – good px meant “minimum” investment. So good.


Pleasant enough weekend, holiday anticipation for Cornwall running rife. Pip is giving up her Nintendo DS in favour of a PSP, thus purging the last of the Nintendo-ism from the house (apart from the Mario soft toys).

Went to see sister’s new house yesterday, which is nice – with lots of “built-in” original 1930s features, superb model kitchen with drop-down seating benches and table and – under the manky carpets – herringbone parquet wood flooring. Lot of work for her but excellent.

Disturbed dreams last night – of space-opera magnitude. Probably from reading Banks’ “Matter” which is wonderful.

Town | Haircut | Bang!

Into town today with Pip. Nice little walk round, didn’t get much. Met L and handed Pip over for the afternoon, freeing me up for an afternoon of getting a haircut and playing Playstation until they get home after the cinema…

Santa Came!

We had a pretty good Xmas and boxing day – Pip was remarkably well behaved on Xmas morning, waking at 4am but dozing and reading her Blue Peter annual (her stocking present) until a more civilised 7am. After a brief heated exchange regarding the correct method of peeling potatoes, L and I settled to a pleasant day, playing Viva Pinata on the X-Box (good enough fun for Pip), Q music quiz DVD (very difficult really though we’re getting a consistent 4 out of 5 stars), very little TV watched, ho ho ho…
Boxing day was visiting day, milky tea and chit chat chit galore.
Today was the laziest day in the world.

X-Box | Uploading Nifty | Old Dolphin Brigade

Having great fun with the X-Box, larking about with the very un-PC “Saints Row” and having online scraps in “DOA4“. Fun!

Spent last Friday uploading bits, bobs, photos and sounds (which are curiously slow to appear) onto Myspace for the Nifty-related bands of Eagu.
A nice addition to the Skinbat pages, and so the full complement of links is now as follows:


plus not to forget, as I’m technically a member now (!) even though there seems to be confusion about my contribution being bass when it’s supposed to be voice. I hope no-one sticks a bass in my hand and expects me to perform!


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