I had the Salad Niçoise…

So. The years of OU work have “paid off” and I now own a shiny new degree, and can put other letters after my name (other than Idiot that is). BA (Hons). I might get some cards printed up. I just looked into post-grad OU options, but they have severely trimmed their choices in the last couple of years and very few of the combos “grabs me”. Hmm. Graduation day was great fun, anyway, dressing up and being all pomp and ceremony. P and L enjoyed, and afterwards we had a be-suited wander round and an Italian lunch. I had the Salad Niçoise…

What else? Work is dire, there’s no money about post-recession, it seems. I ought to advertise to bankers and politicians, as I am led to believe that they have all the money these days.

Health: hmm. For a few weeks suffered excrutiating chest pains – was investigated for the obvious but given a clean bill of health (though I still have to visit a cardiologist to be finally “signed off”- was checked for a recurrence of the lung malarkey from last year (negative); cholesterol (negative}; liver problems (negative) &c… BP was a bit high (as it has been for the last 5 years) but I was seeing a new doctor, she put me on meds… and… the pain receded (though this of course may not be anything to do with BP) – but – the recurring fierce headaches of the last few years have – touchwood – ended. Like magic. No solpadeine for the last three weeks. No headaches. The unexplained chest pains have receded also.

What else? Easter holidays – Llama farm with P and her mate … 2 dance comps for P, both successful … Beatles Rock Band 🙂 … until next time…


Nearly 19, she was…

My little friend Yodi has just died, she was my (our) little chum for nearly 19 years; P has know her all her life; she’s been pretty ill for a couple of years though not in pain, but the end came when the vet found that she was riddled – I think that’s the technical term – with cancerous growths, and her liver functions were impaired (in other words, constant pain was setting in). Awful, sad time for us 3.

Work is proving very hard this year, with additional threats posed by the advent of cheap “coupon” style deals undercutting profits and devaluing the work we do.

I’ve been suffering another “low” period pretty much since Xmas, though L and P do their best to keep me cheered up. The strange thing is I know it’s happening, but seem unable to snap out of it. Feeling a bit better since the sun has come out, I suppose.

We’ve booked a holiday on the Welsh Borders in a woodland cabin, using the Forestry Commission thing. Should be nice, and I’ve never been to that part of the country at all.

P’s dancing is progressing, she got a second scholarship place to the Centre for Advanced Training (The Place/Laban Satellite) for Contemporary Dance, and now has a place for the Brighton Young Dancer’s Collective later in the year. Latin and Ballroom are going well, she has dance club at school and street/disco once a week for fun.

Just about to graduate in a few weeks, at the Dome. Looking forward to a Salad Nicoise afterwards.


Into the Granary tomorrow to continue work on the soon-to-be nascent Skinbats album. Hooray. My mum’s medical problems overhang everything like a manky sword of Damocles. It’s harsh and dull. P is doing well in dancing, and at school. But everything is overhung… Off to Vegas at Easter for a bit of desert therapy, which is a big sky-anchor, a big holiday, a big five-oh.

Holiday Remnants | Black Dogs

Stonehenge. Big Stones, made into a henge. Trago Mills. A looney shop outside Liskeard. Huge, jumbled warehouse selling overpriced and cheap goods, a strange selection of stuff, amongst which I found a cheap DVD copy of John Waters’ “Female Trouble” which I snapped up. Lanhydrock House – an amazing Jacobean house which was gutted by fire and then refurbished in late Victorian state of the art. Steampunk brass, polished wood and an aura of menace and sadness I put down to the similarity to the mood and architecture of gothic spookiness in novels, movies and video games. Speaking of… We walked to Menabilly, the inspiration for Manderley in “Rebecca” – you can’t access (or even see) the actual house but you can walk down to the beach/cove with the cottage in it and look out at the bay where Rebecca died and the second Mrs DeWinter climbed about on rocks and stuff. As did we.

Now I am back home and struggling with a bout of headache/depression/anxiety and torpor that threatens to engulf my entire being. I’m sure it won’t, and family are being ultra supportive, but then again Mum’s got a psych evaluation on Monday that I have to accompany her to, which isn’t helping matters. Dealing with o This is the time, and this is the record of the time.

I will be missing the Skinbat performance at the forum tomorrow night, I feel awful for it, but look forward to more studio soon.

See you on the other side of this time.

I am coming to get you!

I am coming to get you!

Holiday Over | Boiler Over

Back from Cornwall holiday to unsettled weather. We had unsettled weather there, too… almost comically miserable though made tolerable by the breaks in it, and the excellent cabin we were staying in. Visited the Eden Project, which had lots of flowers and stuff.

And this http://www.paulcorinmusic.co.uk/ has got to be the strangest attraction I’ve ever been too.

Anyway, the drive back from Cornwall took too long. The boiler is not working, there is no hot water. I will be ripped off by a plumber soon, before I am properly clean again.

Tomorrow | Pollard

Getting ready to get ready for trip to Cornwall, packing endless leads and chargers and camera bits. Excited, really, though, to get away.

Last night to the Theatre Royal to see “Annie”, staged in the original complete version rather than the very strange and slightly repellent movie version. Particularly resonant the political/Hooverville bits with the ol’ Credit Crunch. Fantastic, it was, with Su Pollard as Miss Hannigan.

Pollard is Hannigan

Pollard is Hannigan


Pleasant enough weekend, holiday anticipation for Cornwall running rife. Pip is giving up her Nintendo DS in favour of a PSP, thus purging the last of the Nintendo-ism from the house (apart from the Mario soft toys).

Went to see sister’s new house yesterday, which is nice – with lots of “built-in” original 1930s features, superb model kitchen with drop-down seating benches and table and – under the manky carpets – herringbone parquet wood flooring. Lot of work for her but excellent.

Disturbed dreams last night – of space-opera magnitude. Probably from reading Banks’ “Matter” which is wonderful.

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