More rationalisation

Pip is at her last day at Earwig, with a presentation this afternoon, I am at home after a devastating night of evil, paranoid dreams.

I have in the last few days rationalised my “blogging” such as it is, as follows:

I am abandoning MySpace for the cess it is.
Continuing with Twittering @falhawk.
Continue with Facebook.
Starting a new “master” blog with WordPress.

Updating from the Macjournal application, which will feed (the same entries) to both WordPress and my old LiveJournal. Exceptions will be mobile updates (or if I forget to push both export buttons) in which case, a few entries might make WordPress but not Livejournal.
Facebook continues to get its “notes” feed from Livejournal

This should save me time, and, as virtually no-one reads my blogs anyway, will inconvenience no-one.

Testing 1-2-3…

Skinbats gig on Sunday 6th September at the Forum… not sure of support/supporting yet. It will be the last live performance for a while, probably until Xmas time, though there are some nascent studio things and some odds and ends to tidy.

Mightily enjoying “Pushing Daisies” boxset, and hugely impressed by “Watchmen


Testing the compatibility of this journalling tool

If it works – well, I can tell you it will be marvellous. It’s called MacJournal, and should enable me to write this drivel from a wp-type interface and send it straight to LiveJournal. Fabulous.

Skinbat Scramble = onstage again this coming (bank holiday) Sunday at the ol’ Forum. Old Dolphin Brigade, Rachel’s Got A Flamethrower, Brutai, and The Kids That Made America will all be there, gettin’ down as it were.

Having real trouble starting my last essay for this OU year – o dear.

Skinbats on iTunes.

Dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age, that’s us – please go ahead and download a track or more and leave a glowing review! Volume 3 is there at the moment, more will follow…

Rehearsal With A Cold

Suffering from a cold now following a slightly downbeat rehearsal last night.
Still managed to advance 3 new songs, and Nicky was sounding good.
The vocoder worked, and today I found a great new way to use it.

I have, I think, fixed this journal so that it will automatically be fed to Facebook… we’ll see.

Juggling Facebook etc

Too much time spent juggling facebook, myspace and livejournal lately; I’m not sure how to rationalise, but something will have to give. They all have their plus points. The band would seem to need myspace, though I don’t like it at all – my journal such as it is has always been on livejournal – facebook just looks lovelier. If facebook had a proper blogging facility it would win, I guess. Ho hum.

Rehearsal Sunday, we definitely have a christmas/new year gig on 30th Dec. I suppose we need to rehearse for it!
I’ve just purchased a microkorg, which has a vocoder. Won’t you take me to Funky Town?

The decorators have gone, having given me a gloss-paint headache (like an ice-cream headache only not as tasty). It looks nice. Now to clear out the office (a million books) and paint that. Before the carpet blokes come.

Reading: Poetry of the 30s (a course book). Yawn!

Scramble Progress | Halloween etc

Lots of things happening on the music front:

Skinbat Scramble now have a Facebook page, just search for Skinbat Scramble. Come and join! There’s pictures and stuff.

More rehearsals, with some recording by Fabian and myself, including recording of what has now become “Peppermint Schnapps” and a resurrected from 1977/78 (!!!!) “Cinema Usherettes” plus some Piers drumming which may find its way onto existing sketch tracks.
On leaving the rehearsal room, I met Brad, for the first time in oh i guess 25 years or something. He was recognisably Brad, in spite of eating fancy French food for years. Unfortunate time constraints meant that our reunion lasted a mere heartbeat, but it was long enough for Brad to reveal that he still has a book he borrowed from me yearsssss ago.

Mark came here for more recording, and we more or less completed a version of “Cinema Usherettes” which was very satisfactory.

We will be performing again at the Forum on 11th November, a short support set at 7.30 or so.

In between all this, half-term was over; P and I had a nice time, apart from the profound disappointment of “The Bridge to Terabithia”. Halloween, P had a couple of her little friends round. We went out dressed as witches and ogres, panhandling for candy and I got fake blood all down my nice jacket.

Parents’ Evening | Books

Parents’ evening tonight, most satisfactory. Evidently only around half the parents bother to go. The others are obviously too busy or something.

P came out of skool this evening most happily brandishing a little giveaway magazine that has been – um – given away to all the school kids. “Raring 2 Go!” it’s called, in an effort to entice youngsters into its pages. It’s a little booklet of “things to do in the holiday if you live in the area” – P was excited because she features in it! One of the farm shops I made a website for advertised in it and lazily pulled the ad content from the website – the picture they chose was one I took for the website of P feeding a donkey a carrot (Albert was his name, the donkey not the carrot).

Just finishing up on John Irving’s “Until I Find You” – highly good, if a bit of a return to his old obsessions.

Great recently were –
Mr Timothy by Louis Bayard – excellent romp
A History of the Judd School by Geoffrey Taylor – interesting-ish and sent shudders down my spine at every page
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins – truly an important book

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