So That Was Christmas

So, apart from my Father dying on the 20th (the shortest day – ha!) which rather cast a shadow over everything, this was christmas:

  • Wonderful performance of “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe” at Chichester Theatre
  • The new Kate Bush album, courtesy L
  • Receiving my course books for next year and suffering a mild panic attack
  • Enjoying a lovely game of Scrabble with L and P on Boxing Day
  • Chichester Cathedral, and the ancient wood paintings therein
  • A weedy sprinkling of snow
  • Building K’Nex fairground rides for her Playmobil people with Pip
  • Pip rushing in on Xmas day to say that santa had been!
  • Cooking a vegetable extravaganza for Christmas dinner
  • Pre-christmas – P’s Carol concert, and joining in (!) with the carols

So, today I ordered the flowers for the funeral and banked some money which should just about cover the bill for them (I learned today that florists are utter rip-off b*st*rds when it comes to funereal flowers, or floral tributes as they call them). Now we wait until the 3rd, for the actual funeral. Meantime, our little branch of the family is keeping warm and happy as can be… god help us, every one.


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